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Our process is 100% safe, natural, and chemical free, eradicating your issue without the added cost of removing furnishings, carpeting or drywall

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One of the most common pollutants in home and business environments is mold related to excess moisture, and by the time mold becomes visible, the problem is usually quite serious.



To permanently remove persistent or offensive odors in your home or business requires a trained professional. Masking and other shortcuts don't work when your odor problem is serious or persistent.



A certified technician will inspect your area of concern and will then recommend the type of mold testing required. Mold testing will be conducted by one of two sampling methods: air quality sampling and or surface sampling.

We will completely purify your home or facility in 24 hours

Watch our video that explains the Pur360 patented process.

Let us show you why our patented Pur360 process is the best and only permanent solution to your mold, odor, VOCs, bacteria, allergens, and bedbug problems.

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Testimonials & Reviews


"We woke up one morning very early to the smell of skunk in our home. We assumed it was coming from outside and just decided to light some candles and hope the smell went away. After two days, the smell was stronger than ever, we thought a skunk had sprayed inside our house. We tried everything we could think of to get the smell to go away but nothing worked. We had heard about Pur360 and decided to give it a try. We met with a representative, learned about the Pur360 process and decided to move forward. Once the service was initiated, our home was sealed, our air filters were changed, and within 24 hours the smell was gone. We were very pleased with the result of our Pur360 service and would most definitely recommend it.”
Lisa K.
Long Grove, IL


“In October of 2016 a fire broke out at one of our restaurants. Given the damage the fire caused, and the fact that we are a foodservice establishment, we were very concerned as to how quickly and at what cost we would be able to reopen. While the damage was isolated to one area of the restaurant, the smell of smoke and fire permeated throughout the building. Though the building was quickly put back together, we couldn’t get rid of the odor. We heard about Pur360 from a family member and what it could do to not only help purify the air in the building, but eliminate any bacteria, mold, or mildew that the fire may have caused as well. Upon learning more about the services of Pur360 we made the decision to move forward. Their equipment was set up overnight and the next morning when we arrived at the store the smoke odor was gone, amazing! The service provided by the Pur360 team was great and we were extremely pleased with the results.”
Seth W.
Palatine, IL