Additional Services for Pur360 Customers

Carpet Removal & Disposal


Quotes for carpet removal can be provided if needed by the customer. Common scenarios to remove carpet can be from flooded basements or from homes that have a bad odor. The customer can choose to have the carpet removed and left on the property in an area such as the garage or they can receive a quote for disposal as well.

Drywall Removal & Repair


Drywall removal and repair is common when you are trying to find a leak in the property or crack in the foundation. A quote for this service can be provided after inspecting the area.



If drywall was removed and repaired, then typically painting is necessary. We typically cover smaller areas that need painting, not entire houses.

Attic Stain Removal


Once the mold eradication treatment is completed, the stain on the attic sheathing can be removed.

Dehumidifier & Fan Rental


If you have a flooded basement or sitting water in your property, then it is best to dry it out right away. We recommend using dehumidifiers and fans and have them available to rent if needed!