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How to Keep Your Workforce Healthy This Winter

Written by Christine C.


As a business owner or manager, there is no escaping the not so sweet sounds of winter. Coughing, sneezing, blowing, oh my! It’s no surprise that, according to the Business Insider article, by Rachel Gillett, that more than a quarter of American workers have admitted to having gone to work while sick. In doing so, potentially spreading their illness to healthy employees.

According to a study by the CDC, lost productivity from illness can cost workers $6.2 billion in lost wages. As an employer, it is important to encouraging your employees to get vaccinated for the flu, as this is the first defense against an epidemic.

Next, encouraging your employees to stay home at the first sign of a fever and for 24 hours after it has broken will inhibit the spread within the office. One employee out for a few days is better than three.

Finally, there is a new defense available to you to help in the fight against the cold and flu season; sanitizing the air, desks and equipment everyone touches in your office.

While this may sound like a huge undertaking, consider it as a flu shot for the office. In just one simple 24-hour treatment, over the weekend, you can have everything in your office sanitized of mold, odors, bacteria, allergens and germs. The air everyone breathes will be purified from the coughing, sneezing and blowing.

Pur360 offers a patented process that is a chemical free way to totally eradicate these irritants from the office and is 100% guaranteed. After the treatment, a detailed report from a certified, third-party lab showing the success of the treatment will be provided from air samples collected.

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