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Our 100% safe, natural, and chemical-free process will totally eradicate airborne and stationary bacteria, mold, and viruses from your athletic facilities and equipment.
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Athletic Equipment and Facilities Odor and Bacteria

Professional, amateur, and student athletes are well-aware of the risk of injury, but few are aware of the risk of serious infection.

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Our Pur360 patented process eradicates the pathogens most frequently associated with skin and respiratory infections from athletic equipment.

Athletic Equipment & Facilities Odor and Bacteria

"We learned the hard way about the consequences of not cleaning your hockey equipment properly when our fifteen year old son developed a serious staph infection in his shoulder that was caused by the bacteria in his shoulder pads."

USA Hockey Magazine-Letter to the Editor

USA Hockey Magazine-Letter to the Editor

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Our 24-hour Process is 100% safe, natural, and chemical free, and it eradicates both airborne and stationary bacteria, mold, and viruses.

The Pur360 process is powerful enough to treat an entire team's athletic gear in one single treatment, or treat an entire locker room and training facility.

Our process is 100% guaranteed. If necessary, we will retreat your facility or equipment until the pathogens are 100% eradicated or refund your service fee*.


"Certain athletic activities and training regimens may predispose athletes to increased risk of contracting infectious diseases, some of which may limit athletic participation and pose the threat of significant morbidity."

Dept. of Family and Community Medicine, University of Kentuck Chandler Medical Center, Lexington, KY (Clin. Sports Med., July, 2005)

Athletic Equipment & Facilities Odor and Bacteria

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