Only Pur360’s patented process can totally eradicate the nauseating odor of skunk spray from fabric, carpeting and furniture.
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If you have been the victim of a skunk's spray, then you know all too well how traumatic and unforgettable the experience can be. You know the smell as soon as it attacks your nostrils. That nauseating, odor that causes you to gag and cover your nose.

We're here to help

The Pur360 patented process is 100% safe, natural and chemical free. It will totally eradicate the odor caused by a skunk’s spray everywhere in your home.

Our patented process removes it from fabric, clothing, carpeting, furniture and insulation without the need for to wash, clean or replace it, if it is not damaged.

How does a skunk’s odor get in your home?

There are three ways a skunk’s odor gets into your home

You let out your pet, and a skunk sprays him. Then your stinky and confused pet comes back into the house and rubbed the skunk’s odor into the carpet, upholstery, and anything else it can find to try and rub it off.

You get sprayed by a skunk and runs back into your home to try and get the obnoxious odor off-of you and your clothing as quickly as possible, not realizing that everything you and your clothing comes-in-contact with will absorb the skunk’s odor.

A skunk sprayed in the crawl space. Skunks are known to spray under houses — generally wherever their nests are located.

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Pure Within

When our Pur360 patented process is complete, we leave your home and the air in it 100% pure. And it will smell as clean and fresh as a meadow after a spring rain.

Our process is 100% guaranteed. If necessary, we will retreat your home until the skunk odor is 100% eradicated or refund your service fee*.


Why Does It Smell So Bad?

What all skunk species have in common is that their oily, yellow secretion contains sulfur compounds which gives it the infamously repulsive odor.

Not all skunk spray is the same. The striped skunk, spotted skunk and hog nosed skunk all have different compounds present in their defensive secretions.

But, despite their varying chemical makeup, these furry fiends all release a noxious odor that can be incredibly hard to remove.

Things to keep in mind when dealing with skunk spray:

  • Avoid getting skunk spray in your eyes. Wash your hands as soon as can with the strongest soap available.
  • Clean yourself and your clothing with the hottest water you can stand (that won't burn you or damage fabric).
  • Clean any pets that have come-in-contact with the skunk spray as quickly as possible. There are many products available for this specific issue. 
  • Skunk spray is a bit like glitter or poison oak; it gets on anything you touch.
  • It is extremely difficult to get skunk spray out of fabric, carpet and furniture because it is naturally oily.

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