Due to extreme flood damage and resulting mold conditions, this 48 unit residential property in Springfield, IL was "condemned" and "unsellable."


In our efforts to remedy this situation, expensive remediation costs were quoted as our only restoration alternative until we were advised to contact Pur360 regarding their ozone technology. Once the Pur360 treatment process was explained, it clearly became a more cost effective option; their work guarantee further decreased our risk factor and presented us with a viable alternative. We were, quite frankly, amazed by the results; there were no traces of mold or other contaminants and the dank odors were replaced by a clean, fresh smell.


On behalf of First Bank and Trust Company, we take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Pur360 for their professional approach and ultimate success in transforming a once "uninhabitable" property into a marketable piece of real estate which was sold within 60 days of Pur360 treatment. We would not hesitate to recommend your technology to any of our colleagues

in the banking industry.


Rick | Springfield, Ill.