This is a letter to let you know what a great feeling it is to now have a mold free home! Prior to your treatment, my daughters and I had constantly been plagued by sinus and respiratory infections as well as bronchitis.  

Then I found the mold. The first and most harmful kind of mold (black mold) was behind my dresser in my bedroom.  I was unknowingly breathing it in every night as I slept. The other area was on the floor under an old cast iron radiator that was disconnected, but never drained. I scrubbed the area with bleach and a week later I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia!
I found your company from my friend, who is a realtor. I loved that there were no walls to be destroyed or harsh chemicals used. Your pricing was also much less than the conventional treatments ($6k less) and the house smelled so fresh!
Now, it is almost a year later and we are still healthy! The mold never reappeared and we cannot thank you enough. I received a call from my attorney requesting your information for a client and I didn't hesitate. Thank you doesn't seem like enough for giving us our lives back.

Cole | Chicago, Ill.