Seeing is believing, or maybe I should say, "Smelling is believing." What a wonderful transformation in House of the Good Shepherd's Apartment 15! We invited the staff to visit the apartment and experience for themselves the fresh clean air. All agreed that it is both remarkable and so refreshing.


Even more wonderful is your generosity that provided this service for us. Everyone involved was so gracious and obliging. Although you will never have the opportunity to know the recipients of your kindness, you may be assured that they will enjoy the freshness of the apartment. Many of the families that stay at House of the Good Shepherd come from physical living situations that leave much to be desired. This fresh, clean apartment is a wonderful change for them, and we are truly grateful to you for helping us provide such a clean space for our residents.


Because of our great satisfaction, we have passed your brochure to others along with our praise of the greatness of Pur360. As an expression of our gratitude, please be assured of our prayers.




Sisters of The Good Shepherd